pic-ture n., pl. -tures. 1. A visual representation or image painted, drawn, photographed, or otherwise rendered on a flat surface. 2. A visible image, esp. on a flat surface.

This page last updated Friday, May 21, 2004

Australian Holiday March 2004
First Pacific Light First light over the pacific from 41,000 feet. 160K - JPG
Tiina's City View From Tiina's apartment looking a direction other than west. 246K - JPG
Tiina's Ocean View From Tiina's apartment looking west. 228K - JPG
Hyde Park Fountain One of several fountains in Hyde Park. 228K - JPG
St. Mary's Cathedral Between Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens. 228K - JPG
Wylie's Baths Sign The restoration plaque at Wylie's Baths. 424K - JPG
Monster Plant This thing was easily 3 meters across and 2 meters tall. Hopefully not carnivorous!. 384K - JPG
Wylie's Bath Pool Now this is what I need just down the street from where I live. 378K - JPG
Coogee Beach from Wylie's Looking toward Coogee Beach from Wylie's Baths. 290K - JPG
Skyline At Night Looking back at the city from the Opera House at night. 182K - JPG
Harbor Bridge At Night Looking down the harbor from the Opera House at night. 138K - JPG
Opera House At Night The Opera House at night as seen from the promenade. 220K - JPG
Sydney CBD Skyline Looking back at the central business district from the Manly Ferry. 290K - JPG
Sydney Skyline A wider view of the city from the as taken from the Manly Ferry. 262K - JPG
Harbor Bridge Looking down the harbor from the Opera House on a gray afternoon. 238K - JPG
Opera House The Concert Hall side of the Opera House as seen from the Manly Ferry. 264K - JPG
Opera House The Opera House as seen straight on from the Manly Ferry. 262K - JPG
Opera House The Opera House as seen at an angle from the Manly Ferry. 232K - JPG
Concert Hall Foyer As much of the foyer at the Concert Hall as I could get in one shot. 356K - JPG
Harbor Sailboats Sailboats in Sydney Harbor. They didn't look too concerned about the ferry being close. 282K - JPG
Opera House Legend The Opera House legend along the promenade. 344K - JPG
Old Harbor Ship Had to remind myself of what year it was after seeing this. 168K - JPG
Manly Beach Panorama A 180 degree panorama of Manly Beach. Left is north, center's west, right is south. 1042K - JPG
Aquarium Seal If I had to be a seal this is the place to be one. These guys had it good. 176K - JPG
Aquarium Alligator Don't mind me. I'm just looking for a nice seal for lunch. 184K - JPG
Sea Dragons Kin to the sea horse these two couldn't have posed more perfectly if I'd paid them to. 304K - JPG
Bridge Background Me with the Harbor Bridge in the background. 240K - JPG
Bridge Background Another one with the Harbor Bridge in the background. 236K - JPG
JC & Tiina Gotta get close for the self portraits. 234K - JPG
Across the Harbor The north shore across the harbor from the central business district. 232K - JPG
Bridge Shot Another obligitory Harbor Bridge shot. 232K - JPG
Lady Darley's Track The NSW Naional Parks & Wildlife Service sign describing the trails of Lady Darley's Track. 446K - JPG
View of the Valley A good panorama of the initial view from the point we entered the walking track. 602K - JPG
View From The Trail Another angle looking off into the distance. 234K - JPG
View From The Trail Looking out from a side canyon. 210K - JPG
Cliff Side & Small Waterfall Looking across the small side canyon on the way towards Furber Steps, 400K - JPG
Katoomba Cascades This was so beautiful I tried to capter a few seconds of video as well. See below. 346K - JPG
Tiina Contemplates Hmm... Which way was it to the meaning of life? 396K - JPG
Katoomba Cascades A different view from lower on the cascades. 386K - JPG
Quite Serious You Know This guy is having fun?!? Man! Never mind the red eyes, where'd that look come from? 280K - JPG
I Know That Look Now this is what Monday's were really made for! I wonder what the peasants back at the office are doing? 290K - JPG
Tiina on the Trail A better trail guide I couldn't have had! Many thanks! 442K - JPG
Trail Flower A nice touch of color along the trail. 462K - JPG
Three Sisters Wide As time goes on the walls just wear away, and fall occasionally, into the valley below. 240K - JPG
Three Sisters Close The Three Sisters. The Giant Stairway below was closed because half of it was missing after a rockslide. 298K - JPG
Windy Canyon One of the rather spectacular sheer dropoffs into a tree-lined canyon below. 6M - AVI
Katoomba Cascades The upper part of Katoomba Cascades. Unfortunately my camera doesn't have the most robust microphone. 3M - AVI
Katoomba Cascades A different view of the lower cascades. 3M - AVI
Three Sisters Cliff Another one of those dropoffs! Talk about pointing the camera straight down. 4M - AVI

Sports of All Sorts - 12/13/2003
Alex & Duece The goofiest mascot in all of pro sports... but we love him! Go RoughRiders! 396K - JPG

Mickey's Birthday Celebration Weekend - 5/22/2002
Our Grandpa Mickey, Rachael & Aaron 96K - JPEG
No, Our Grandpa! Mickey, Leah & Aaron 91K - JPEG
Terri & Mark A manditory picture before the party. 96K - JPEG
Terri, Pete & Carrie A new cousin-in-law. 116K - JPEG
Hold Me Sweetie Marci & Ari 98K - JPEG
Lap of Love Marci & Ari 82K - JPEG
Anna-Maria & Pete A manditory picture before the party. 128K - JPEG
Anna-Maria & Ilse A manditory picture before the party. 162K - JPEG
Anna-Maria & James A manditory picture before the party. 152K - JPEG
Hole In My Heart Ground Zero. The place has a power and a sadness. 164K - JPEG
Hole In The Skyline Ground Zero. It's a long way to the next building. 124K - JPEG

Old Family Pictures - 4/17/2002
Dad at 13 A very dashing young man. 45K - JPEG
Dad at 17 Study break. 59K - JPEG
Dad Grad Student Dad at graduate school. Thank God the smoking didn't last! 60K - JPEG
Smiles Mom & Dad in the late 1950's 54K - JPEG
Mom w/Dad Reclining The look of love. 42K - JPEG
Happy Announcement Mom & Dad's original wedding announcement. 78K - JPEG
Dad & Me Taken in April 1961. 79K - JPEG
Mom & Me Taken in April 1961. 59K - JPEG
Dad & Me (B&W) Taken in May 1961. 67K - JPEG
A Proud Papa Me and Dad in July 1961 45K - JPEG
A Happy Couple Mom and Dad. Fall 1961. 195K - GIF
Another Proud Papa Me and Grandpa in 1962 28K - JPEG
I'm Driving Now! The authoratative stroller king. 48K - JPEG
Family 1965 At the Papa residence in Fort Lauderdale. 52K - JPEG
Family 1970's A nicely yellowed picture from the living room. 58K - JPEG

2001 California Wedding/Vacation Pictures - 10/22/2001
Bridge Traveller Alex on the Golden Gate Bridge. 52K - JPEG
Barbara & Alex Alex with Grandma Amptmann. 106K - JPEG
Me In Gondola Me in a Lake Tahoe gondola. 190K - JPEG
South Tahoe Panorama From the top of the mountain looking down. 209K - JPEG
Tahoe Mountain Tree From the top of the mountain looking back. 271K - JPEG
Tahoe Island From the road at 203K - JPEG
Mom & Anne At the ceremony. 147K - JPEG
Pete & Anna-Maria The happy couple at their reception. 147K - JPEG
Chair Dance Hold on! 76K - JPEG
Chair Dance Hold on tight! 57K - JPEG
Dessert! Lisa, Leah, Aaron and Marci. 148K - JPEG

2001 Olympic National Park Vacation Pictures - 7/15/2001
Big Spruce Tree John & Alex at the "Big Spruce Tree". 210K - JPEG
Big Spruce Tree John, Lisa & Matt at the "Big Spruce Tree". Removed
Tree Spirit Alex in the "Big Spruce Tree". 180K - JPEG
Glowing Eyes Our campsite visitor as she turned for a picture. 168K - JPEG
Mossy Creek Alex Taken before he fell in the Sol Duc River. 269K - JPEG
Sol Duc Falls Overlook The ROAR of the falls and the spray in your face. 218K - JPEG
Sol Duc Falls The river speaks with a voice of thunder. It's words the wisdom of the Earth. 153K - JPEG
Camp Dinner Matt, Bill & Alex enjoying a late dinner. (They were ALL late!) 111K - JPEG
The Trees Sol Duc Campground, Loop B. The little thing at the bottom is our van. 241K - JPEG
Sleepyhead Me Now this is what I call vacation. Wake me up on Thursday! 88K - JPEG
Bill & Maria On the Bremerton ferry with Seattle in the background. 72K - JPEG
Seattle Group The Pike Street Market, downtown Seattle. 145K - JPEG
Pier 40-Something Matt & Alex on the Seattle piers. 145K - JPEG
GOD IS COMING Irrefutible proof we're in His backyard. 168K - JPEG
Ancient Groves Matt & Alex on the Ancient Groves trail. 147K - JPEG
Ancient Groves Mike & Rita on the Ancient Groves trail. 148K - JPEG
Ancient Groves Bill & Maria on the Ancient Groves trail. 137K - JPEG
Tree Fall Mike beneath a fallen trees root ball. 194K - JPEG
Road to the Ridge A stop on the road to Hurricane Ridge. 149K - JPEG
The Olympic Mountains As seen from the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. The brown smudge on the left is a slide area, not a flaw in the photo. 92K - JPEG
No Place Like Home Me in my natural (and prefered) habitat. 83K - JPEG
The Chivian Boys John, Alex & Matt at the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. 94K - JPEG
The Family John, Alex & Lisa at the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. 87K - JPEG
The Chivian Adults John, Matt & Lisa at the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. 101K - JPEG
The Four of Us John, Matt, Lisa & Alex at the Hurricane Ridge Visitors Center. 107K - JPEG
At Altitude Hurricane Ridge Road very near the tree line. 177K - JPEG
Alex & Friend Alex caught on film with the wild Moose. 144K - JPEG
Rialto Beach Matt & Alex at Rialto Beach. 88K - JPEG
Rialto Beach John, Mike & Matt at Rialto Beach 77K - JPEG
Phantom Island Now you see it... 82K - JPEG
The Driftwood King Alex atop a washed up and bleached root ball. 183K - JPEG
Aerodynamic Moose A flying Moose as seen from the van driver's seat. 101K - JPEG
Olympic Coast Rugged and beautiful. 106K - JPEG
Rainbow At Sol Duc Taken above Sol Duc Falls. 196K - JPEG
Sol Duc River Sol Duc River upstream from the falls. 157K - JPEG
Sol Duc River Sol Duc River further upstream from the falls. 182K - JPEG
Alen in Bin Alex in the "bear proof" food storage bin. 115K - JPEG

2000 Hawaii Vacation Pictures Begin Here - 10/15/2000
Alex w/ Hat Taken in a Hawaiian sea cave (not that you could tell). 50K - JPEG
Napali Ridge Me on the Nualolo Trail two steps away from a 2000' drop. 90K - JPEG
Nualolo Valley From the Nualolo Cliffs Trail looking down from the side. 167K - JPEG
Nualolo Valley From the Nualolo Cliffs Trail looking back up the valley. 86K - JPEG
Nualolo Valley From the Nualolo Cliffs Trail looking down from the back. 185K - JPEG
Nualolo Valley From the Nualolo Cliffs Trail zoom to the ocean. 144K - JPEG
Napali Shore Me at Polihale beach with Napali rising from the sea. 54K - JPEG

2000 Houston/San Antonio Vacation Pictures Begin Here - 4/15/2000
Apollo 18 John and Alex in front of what would have been Apollo 18. 189K - JPEG
Astronauts In Training Mars mission flight crew. 140K - JPEG
Spaceman Spiff Astronaut Alex on the surface of Mars. 135K - JPEG
The Riverwalk Lisa and Alex overlooking the San Antonio Riverwalk at dusk. 117K - JPEG
Big Yellow Chair Pete, Lisa and Anna Maria touring the new mall. 104K - JPEG

Miscellany (The Original Posts)
Alex w/ Flag Our little bear sitting in the reading chair at the folks house (before the fire). 99K - GIF
Happy Home A nice summer shot from across the street. 99K - GIF
Matt Skates From a story on indoor/outdoor hockey leagues. The Fort Worth Star Telegram. 135K - GIF
Hot Horns From a story on summer heat activities. The Fort Worth Star Telegram. 194K - GIF
Glacier Group A four picture image of our 1992 trip to Glacier National Park. 320K - GIF
Matt's Graduation Picture Twelve down... Four to go. 128K - JPEG
Mother & Dog Mom and Casey in a gondola car above Monarch Pass on US 50. 69K - JPEG
Extended Family Christmas '99 81K - GIF
Cousins! Matt, Kelsey, Alex & Jeff 54K - GIF
Respected Elders Mom, Dad and the distinguished JSPJ. 59K - GIF
Alex In The Box Special things come in plain brown boxes. 126K - JPEG
Replacement Heads JC and Maria on Halloween '99. 117K - JPEG
Bubba Matthew as taken by Alex. 108K - JPEG
Father and Son John and Alex. My little armful. 99K - JPEG
Mama's Lap There's no better place in the whole wide world. 72K - JPEG
Dogpile Pete, Kelsey, Alex, Aaron, John and Chris. 162K - JPEG
Father and Daughter Chris and Kelsey. A two-headed phenomenon. 122K - JPEG
Studs! Matt and Pete in a relaxed moment. 122K - JPEG
Dr. John S. Papa I miss you grandpa! 186K - JPEG
Dr. John S. Papa I wish you were here! 158K - JPEG
Me & Lisa A last happy time at Pete & Anna-Maria's party. 178K - JPEG
Pancake Angels Anna Kate & Claudia helping to make breakfast. 152K - JPEG

Pets & Other Wild Creatures
Bosco Proof that alien life exists on other planets. 149K - JPEG
A Day In The Life The real story of Bosco's existance. 288K - GIF
Noodlehead Norman And we thought Bosco was strange! 86K - JPEG
Ol' Triangle Head Patrick early in life. 119K - JPEG
Mr. Distinguished Patrick late in life. 57K - JPEG
Casey That's one fine looking dog you got there. 158K - JPEG
Sander That's Mr. Fiesty to you! 44K - JPEG

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